Monday, February 23, 2009

Time to Change

Dropped by the range for about 15 minutes today to shoot off my carry ammo and rotate in fresh stuff. 26 rounds of 40 S&W and 10 rounds of 38spl.

With my G23 I was combat accurate. I didn't pound a hole through the X, but firing double and triple taps from high ready put shots where they needed to be.

I shot so horribly with my J-frame, I could hardly believe it. I am too embarrassed to put a picture of the target up. I sat at the range and dry fired over and over. I make no excuses, its trigger pull. While all the shots hit a man size target, several were abdomen and arms. I barely considered myself combat accurate. I left the gun at the store to have a lighter return spring in, hopefully to help my trigger pull.

Being somewhat new to shooting for self defense (vs. leaning back and haphazardly target shooting), I need to continue to shoot and develop my skills. Switching back and forth from the Glock to the J-frame is an odd adjustment, but must be done.

Still, no excuses, the gap is in the shooter, not the equipment.....


micko77 said...

Regarding the J-frame: having pounded several thousand rounds downrange with them, my first suggestion is to get a good action job--not just spring replacement--done, with emphasis on breaking all the edges on the trigger itself; secondly, keep shooting it. If you reload, keep them light-bullet, low-velocity, as there is no need to get beat up by your gun. If you don't reload, start. Failing that, dry-fire 200 times daily for several weeks to train your hands and slick the action more. Oh, and keep "combat training" to 15 yards or less, much less. They don't call them belly guns for nothing.

"Tarak" said...


Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I'll have to save up for that complete action job. I talked to my local gunsmith about it today. I definately train at close distances- I have no aspirations of becoming a sniper with that gun. Thanks for reading!

Xavier said...

Regarding the J frame..... Dry fire the snot out of it. You can develop a pretty good trigger simply by shooting the gun. The dry firing will help you develop trigger control as well.

Shooting a J frame is not easy, take a look at the difference between my 1911 targets and the J frame targets. It is, however possible to gain acceptable accuracy by concentrating on trigger control.

Smooth steady rate to the rear. Not so slow you tremble, not so fast you jerk.

"Tarak" said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Xavier. I appretiate you taking the time to stop by and comment. I'll definately start dry firing quite a bit more.